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    He's a geek, startup investor, former software developer & entrepreneur, occasional tech blogger and internet marketing nerd. He's the founding partner of 500 Startups, an Internet seed fund and startup incubator that has invested in ~400 companies all over the world including Twilio, SendGrid, TaskRabbit, and Wildfire Interactive (acqd by Google in 2012).


    Previously, he managed early-stage internet investments for Founders Fund (2008-2010), and also ran the Facebook fbFund incubator program (2009). After leaving PayPal in 2004, Dave was an investor/advisor in ~15 startups including Bix.com (acqd by Yahoo in 2006), Mint.com (acqd by Intuit in 2009), Jambool (acqd by Google in 2010), TeachStreet (acqd by Amazon in 2011), and SlideShare (acqd by LinkedIn in 2012).


    His professional expertise: tech startups, venture capital, product management, internet marketing, business metrics, kitchen remodeling.

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    Each kitchen tells the story of those who inhabit it; they can talk about enjoying everyday comfort, the desire to renew an environment, the imagination when creating a space, the search for quality in each of its details ... The kitchen designer Natalia talk about the heart of its people.

    Because kitchens are the heart of the house, Natalia collaborates with Save the Children so that all children can enjoy a home where they feel safe to play, grow and dream.It is the new campaign promoted by the AMC. This aims to promote and support the work of Spanish kitchen manufacturers, thus claiming their quality. Without discrediting the quality of other international manufacturers, we have to feel proud of the Marca España and encourage its consumption.

    The interior designer and architect Tery Shapey and the chef and gastronomic adviser Ferrer Milo, have not only designed this fantastic author's kitchen, but they were the ones who presented it to us at SICI, an unmissable event for the great brands of the kitchen sector.

    With hundreds of experienced designs mentors around the world, their creative work space in the heart of Europe, and a vibrant community of designers, they help projects succeed in ways other architects firms do not.


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  • Making startups go BOOM.

    Kablooey! Zapp! Pow! Kerblam! Schmowzow! They make startups do all kinds of things.


    500 Startups provides early-stage companies with up to $250K in funding, our startup accelerator program, and unique events like SmashSummit, UnSexy, and GeeksOnAPlane. With hundreds of experienced startup mentors around the world, their creative work space in the heart of Silicon Valley, and a vibrant community of startup founders, they help companies succeed and get more customers, in ways other venture firms do not.Generate synergy with companies that have already crossed the road and have a good portfolio of clients that you could access. It's a great way to attract new customers. Clear! an alliance implies a WIN - WIN relationship, so you must establish fair and equitable deals.

    Connect with ideal clients, differentiate yourself from the competition and get more sales with practical strategies and tactics, immediate and accessible to the reality of your business. Watch our video:


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